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Plane for our 2 hour flight to Kulusuk, Greenland
Flying over floating ice


We took a hike from our hotel to the village. The snow was still piled high.

We stopped often to photograph the spectacular scenery.

View of village

The colorful houses are perched on the rocky hillsides overlooking the bay.

Pack ice still floated in the harbor
The village is very poor. Houses have no running water.
Sled waiting for the next snowfall.
Village Cemetery
Artificial flowers adorn the wooden crosses
Village church
Interior of church is typical of local Lutheran churches
Note the ship in the corner
Sled dogs on a dirt mound
The dogs are kept chained and they have no shelter, even in the winter
The Greenland husky is a different breed from the Alaskan Husky. And we were warned that they are very mean and if bitten we would need to be flown to a hospital immediately.
A family shows us their month old puppies who had just eaten.
The only store in the village
The local gas "station"
Sigrun demonstrates the gas pump
Statue of village's famous drum dancer
Views of the spectacular scenery around the village
Cotton Grass
Flowers have a short growing season but were in full bloom during our visit.
We took a jeep to the top of a nearby mountain where the US had a radar station until 1992.
Spectacular views of the surrounding mountains
Fred enjoys the view
Flowers find a way to grow in the rocky soil

To learn more about our trip to Kulusuk, Greenland go to the Kulusuk Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Tasiilaq Photo Gallery.

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