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We took a 9 passenger helicopter for our 10 minute flight from Kulusuk to the town of Tasiilaq on Angmagssalik Island.
Flying over floating ice



First view of Tasiilaq

Tasiilaq is the largest city in East Greenland with a population of 1900.

We took a sightseeing tour in a 5 passenger helicopter.

Views from the helicopter
The helicopter landed on a rocky ledge 3000 feet above a fjord and glacier.
We walked around the landing site with a 360 degree panoramic view of the surroundings.
We could see the Greenland icecap across the fjord.
More views of the Greenland Icecap
Views of the rocky shoreline on our return flight
Iceberg floats in the fjord below us
Glaciers flow down the mountains
Many inland lakes from the glacier runoffs
Flying back in to Tasiilaq
We got on a boat for a tour of the fjord
Huge icebergs still floated on the water
Remains of the pack ice that fills the fjord
Approaching an iceberg
There is more ice below the water than above
The ice got thicker as we approached the largest iceberg that we saw.
To see a short video of our boat ride through the pack ice to the iceberg, click here.
Returning to Tasiilaq harbor
A local man gave us a demonstration of drum dancing.
It is different than Indian drumming. The drum is beaten on the wood surrounding the skin of the drum, not on the skin.
Drumming was used in the past to communicate, celebrate and to settle fights.
Drumming is a dying art as there are only 23 people in all of Greenland who are currently drum dancers. To see a short video of one of the drum dances, click here.
Delicious lunch at the hotel
"Sunset" over Tasiilaq taken from hotel room at 2 am
Walk through "Valley of the Flowers"
We came upon the cemetery for the village
The snow had just melted from the hillsides forming ponds
Water rushed down creeks
Small waterfalls cascaded over the rocks
We donned our head nets to protect us from the mosquitos and black flies buzzing around.
Wildflowers covered the ground.
Cotton Grass
Alpine Bartsia
Kings Crown
Alpine Mouse Ear
Dwarf Willow
Moss Heather
River Beauty
Fields of Cotton Grass
Returning to the village
Greenland Husky
Hotel Ammassalik
Tasiilaq - our hotel is at the top of the hill
View from our hotel window of the children playing soccer
Tasiilaq Museum - Longhouse
Entrance to Longhouse
Women's Boat - In olden days, women used to row these boats, carrying supplies, children, etc. to fish camps
Men used kayaks as transportation, to fish, and to hunt whale, seal and polar bear
Sigrun tries to balance in a practice kayak
Photo of famous drum dancer whose statue we saw in Kulusuk and whose grandson gave us a drum dancing demo.
Views leaving Tasiilaq by helicopter

To learn more about our trip to Tasiilaq, Greenland go to the Tasiilaq Newsletter. To view other photo galleries, go to Iceland and Greenland Photo Gallery.

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