Slickrock Foot Trail Overlook

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Canyonlands National Park is divided into 3 very different districts: Island in the Sky in the north, The Needles in the east, and The Maze in the west. The Needles district is located 76 miles southwest of Moab. It is noted for its sculptured rock spires, pinnacles and canyons. Many of its arches are hidden in the backcountry canyons and can only be reached by 4 wheel drive vehicles or long hikes. We took several interesting shorter hikes off the main road, following cairns over slick rock trails.


Odd Sandstone formations on the road into Needles District
Newspaper Rock National Historical Site - a petroglyph panel etched in sandstone records 2000 years of early man's activities.
It was declared a National Historical Monument in 1961.
View of Needles Pinnacles
Dutch Shoe Arch
Slickrock Foot Trail - 2.4 mile round trip trail over slickrock surfaces to several viewpoints.
View from Slickrock Trail
Interesting pattern in the rocks
Kenny looks at the view
First Overlook
We followed cairns on the rocks to each overlook
A rugged trail
Rest Stop
Second Overlook
Barb adds to the cairn
Fred likes this pyramid shaped cairn.
Cryptobiotic soil crust. This black crunchy soil is a delicate and ecologically vital living community of lichens and cyanobacteria. Hikers are urged to stay off this fragile soil.
Cave Spring Trail - Cave Spring is one of the area's few year round water sources.
Remnants from a cowboy camp - served as an open air bunkhouse from 1890 to 1975 when cowboys moved cattle from range to range.
We climbed wooden ladders placed on the trail.
Fred and Kenny enjoy some shade
Billie climbs the tallest of the ladders
Then it was Barb's turn
Group photo

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