Landscape Arch

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Arches National Park is located just a few miles out of the center of Moab, Utah. The park contains the largest concentration of natural stone arches in the world - more than 2,500 at last count. To qualify as an official stone arch, a hole must have an opening at least three feet long in any one direction. In addition to the arches in the park, there are many other unusual rock formations that have been created by extreme temperatures and water erosion. Many of the sites can be seen via short hikes from pullouts along the paved road leading through the park.


Carsons at the Visitor Center
Three Gossips
Trail to Landscape Arch (1.6 miles round trip on relatively flat, gravel-surfaced trail.)
Landscape Arch - Longest arch measuring 306 feet base to base.
Carsons and Lipinogas in front of Landscape Arch
Fiery Furnace - Named for the warm glow seen on the rocks in late afternoon. Actually it is a maze of cool, shady canyons between towering sandstone walls.
Trail to Sand Dune Arch - .4 mile round trip trail through deep sand and sandstone fins.
Barb and Fred share a kiss under the Sand Dune Arch
Many arches in the rocks
Distant View of Delicate Arch
Close up View of Delicate Arch
Rock climbers
Skyline Arch - a short .4 mile roundtrip hike on a flat trail.
Skyline Arch
Turret Arch - one of three massive arches in the Windows Area
Windows Arch
Both North and South Windows Arches can be seen from the trail
Double Arch - two giant arch spans which are joined at one end.

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