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Train from Rome to Florence (1.5 hours)

Michelangelo's David

Stands under a dome in the Accademia 17 feet high

Medici-Riccardi Palace Courtyard

The Medici family ruled Renaissance Florence. The teenage Michelangelo studied sculpture and liberal arts in the family school located in the gardens of the palace.

Statue of Orpheus

Madonna with Child by Fra Filippo Lippi

Luca Giordano Room

A former reception room added by the Riccardi family. The ceiling was frescoed in 1685 by Naples artist Luca Giordano and features Medici big shots frolicky with Greek gods.


The Medici appear to rise up into heaven to be crowned by Zeus.

The blue robed woman is Florence who re-birthed the classical world.

Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Church was begun in 1296. It was intitially built with a big hole in its roof, waiting for a grand dome to cover it, but the technology needed had yet to be invented.

Church's neo-Gothic facade from the 1870's is covered with pink, green and white Tuscan marble.


Brunelleschi's dome - Built in the 1400's, it was the first Renaissance dome and the model for domes to follow.

Top of the Dome viewing area

We climbed the 463 stairs to the top of the dome

View of Florence from the top of the dome



Colleen and Barbara at the top
Tools used in the dome's construction
Scaffolding used to build dome

Campanile - a 270 ft. tall bell tower designed by Giotto.

View of Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi Gallery
One of the many statues around Florence
Amazing the detail in the marble carving
Fred enjoyed his Gelato every day while in Italy

Bargello Museum

Built in 1255, it once served as a police station and later as a prison.

The museum contains some of the best Florentine Sculptures. by Michelangelo, Donatello and Verrocchio. (No photos were allowed except in the courtyard.)
San Lorenzo Market
Colleen models her new scarf
Our Hotel - Katti House
Colleen and Mark watch the happenings on the street below their window
Fixed Price Menu at Katti Restaurante
Maria, the owner of Katti House and Restaurant serves the wine at our street side table
Colleen wonders how she will eat all that food!
Strolling musicians entertain us at dinner


To learn more about our visit to Florence, go to the Florence Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Pisa Photo Gallery.

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