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Farmland along the south coast
South Iceland Glaciers


The volcano under this glacier erupted in 2010

Urridafoss - "Waterfall of the Salmon"

This waterfall flows with the highest volume of water of any waterfall in Iceland


This waterfall was the one filmed in the scene in the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" when he was supposedly in the Himalayas.

Solheimajokull Glacier

The documentary "Chasing Ice" was filmed here and there are still a couple cameras in operation around the glacier. Our group took a hike on the glacier.

We were each given some crampons and an ice axe.
Barbara is fitted with her crampons.
Carsons are ready for the hike.

Our intrepid group

Our guide demonstrates how to hold the ice axe.
The hike begins.
We were told to walk slowly and carefully and to waddle like a penguin with feet spread apart and planted with a flat foot.
Crevaces on the glacier can be 60-90 feet deep.
View of lake formed from melting of the glacier. To watch a 2 minute video explaining how glaciers are formed, click here.
Our guide points out a moulin or glacier cave formed from water flowing underneath. To see a 3 minute video explaining how a glacier cave is formed and how it differs from crevasses, click here.
We made it up
So did our group
Starting back down
Jeep for off road adventure.
Road up the hillside to Dyrholaey National Preserve
Lighthouse on top
View of coastline
View of glaciers
View of black beach
Then we drove across water in the pouring rain to the black beach
Black Beach
Basalt Pillars
Entrance to cave
Shelter from the rain!
Basalt Pillars
Smooth black stones on beach
Back to the Jeeps
Another church on a farm
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall drops about 200 feet over the rocky cliffs.
We walked the path leading behind the falls
Behind the falls
Fred is ready for rafting
He's in the second raft
He's in the bow on the left side of the raft (right side of photo)
Greenhouse utilizes geothermal energy for heating
Flowers are shipped to Reykjavik for distribution
Geothermal power plant produces both heat and power in a sustainable way.
Map of active volcanic areas in Iceland.

To learn more about our trip around south Iceland, go to the South Iceland Newsletter. To view the next photo gallery, go to Blue Lagoon Photo Gallery.

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