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July 6-7, 2014

Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon is Iceland's best known hot springs. It is located in the midst of a huge lava field just outside Reykjavik. Its mineral rich waters are said to have great healing power. It is actually not a natural hot springs. Rather it was formed from the output of the nearby hydroelectric plant. We really enjoyed relaxing in the pool as it was a perfect temperature - nice and warm but not hot. We also coated our faces with the mud which is supposed to take ten years off your looks. Don't think it did that but it sure made our faces nice and soft.

Hot Dog StandWe were on our own for the afternoon in Reykjavik and took the local bus back into the downtown area. The weather was beautiful - sunny, light breeze, and about 60 degrees. We had lunch at our favorite hot dog stand and then strolled back to the hotel, stopping at the shops along the way. Barbara bought another spoon for her collection and a Christmas ornament. The beautiful Icelandic woolen goods were just way to expensive to purchase.

We had our farewell dinner with the group at the hotel in the evening and said farewell to the 10 who are not going to Greenland with us.

Fred at National MuseumThe next day, before flying to Greenland in the afternoon, we took a tour of the National Museum. This is a beautifully laid out museum that shows the history of Iceland from the time of the settlement by the Vikings, through their conversion to Christianity, and then the reformation which abruptly changed the country to Lutheranism. The displays were interactive in multiple languages and there were displays of wonderful artifacts that have been dug up by archeologists. It was a great summary of all that we had learned along the way on our tour. And Fred got to try on a Viking outfit.

In the afternoon we boarded a 2 engine, 52 passenger prop plane for the 2 hour flight to Greenland.

To view more photos from our trip to the Blue Lagoon, please go to Blue Lagoon Photo Gallery. To read about the next location visited, go to Kulusuk Greenland.

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