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Independence Pass SignIndependence Pass lies about 15 miles east of the town of Aspen on Highway 82. Since Aspen lies at about 8000 ft. elevation, it is quite a climb up to the pass and the road is very narrow and windy. No vehicles over 30 ft. should attempt to go over the pass. And it is closed in winter from about early Nov. until July. But the ride up to the top is well worth the drive when it is open. View from SummitThe views are spectacular and it is amazing to see the colorful wild flowers poking through the high tundra.




Grotto Trail

There are many interesting hiking trails on the way to the summit. An easy and popular hike is the Grotto Trail which has huge rock formations and cavesWaterfall.







Braille TrailAnother interesting trail is the Braille trail which is designed so the blind can experience the wonders of nature. Trail signs are in English and Braille and there is a cable running along the left side of the trail to guide the way. It is suggested that sighted people first hike the trail with their eyes open and then do it again with their eyes closed. With eyes closed you will be more attuned to the sound and smells along the trail.




Independence TownsiteJust before reaching the summit is the historic townsite of the old mining town of Independence. Some of the buildings have been preserved and there are guides in the summer to tell you stories about life during the town's hayday.Independence Cabin






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